The US Government’s Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission will hold a hearing on the Ugandan Anti-Homosexuality Bill this afternoon.

Over the course of 90 minutes, the TLHRC will hear evidence and testimony on the legal and humanitarian aspects of the proposed bill, which as it stands at the moment will see the execution of practicing homosexuals, and sentences up to life imprisonment for lesser offences such as promoting and aiding homosexuality.

LGBT POV has posted an illuminating video edited by Bruce tracing the connection between certain American evangelicals and the current legislation in Uganda. It focuses on “spiritual warfare” experts George Otis, Jr, and Ed Silvoso, with prophets and “prayer warriors” such as Cindy Jacobs, and their disturbing message of Christian dominionism. There is no doubt they have directly encouraged Ugandans, including President Museveni and other powerful political figures, to impose conservative moral values in the belief that God has given them spiritual and moral authority.

Disturbing aspects revealed in the video include claims to miraculous healings from HIV and Aids, and the dangerous pushing of an abstinence-only agenda, bolstered by myths and scaremongering about condom use.


In other Uganda news, NTV reports that the Ugandan Cabinet have rejected a proposed withdrawal of the Anti-Homosexuality Bill.

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