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Writing much here would only serve to spoil the excellent job MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow did Tuesday night in her interview with ex-gay guru Richard Cohen. Pay close attention to the references in Cohen’s book, Coming Out Straight (third printing), which came from the discredited pseudo-research of the notorious Paul Cameron.

Also of note, Maddown calls Cohen on the reference in his other book, Gay Children, Straight Parents, which places race as one contributing factor to homosexuality. At first Cohen didn’t believe it was in the book, but then, after hearing a direct quote, had to painfully admit that this was not true. This begs the question, why did he write it in the first place?

So, InterVarsity Press, are you still glad you made the decision to publish this mess?

Maddow played as she has once before the video showing one of the major proponents of the Uganda Anti Homosexuality Bill 2009, Stephen Langa, teaching from Coming Out Straight. She painstakingly connected the dots for him, showing how claims from one of his newsletters — that homosexuals prey on children and recruit them into the “homosexual lifestyle” — gave Langa and others in Uganda exactly what they needed to force what is now being called the “kill the gays bill” into law.

We agree with Maddow, Cohen has blood on his hands with this one.

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