-Same-sex marriage is legalized via court order in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

-Dolly Parton speaks out in defense of gay rights.

-Meghan McCain (daughter of Sen. John McCain) challenges the Republican Party’s hypocrisy on the issue of same-sex marriage.

-The Christian Anti-Defamation League’s rally against the Matthew Shepard hate crimes law fizzles.

-NARTH’s annual conference takes place this weekend in Florida.

-A new study commissioned by the Catholic Church finds that gay priests are no more likely to molest children than straight priests.

-The New York Supreme Court rejects the Alliance Defense Fund’s challenge to the state’s law recognizing out-of-state same-sex marriages.

-A gay teenager in Texas is savagely beaten by classmates.

-A series of anti-gay attacks is launched against Houston mayoral candidate Annise Parker.

-Austria legalizes civil partnerships.

-A group of Christian leaders sign a new manifesto containing anti-gay language.

-The murderer of gay teen Jorge Mercado invokes the “gay panic” defense.

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