Earlier today, Dr. Warren Throckmorton and Pastor Martin Ssempa were able to discuss the Anti-Homosexuality Bill currently being debated in Uganda. Both appeared on Premier Radio, part of the Christian media in the UK. While the exchange is short, it offers a revealing look into the mindset that would promote such widespread criminalization of homosexuals.

One of the more surprising disclosures was made by Dr. Throckmorton when he read a new statement from Exodus International concerning the issue. Exodus has come under great pressure for dragging their feet to respond to a dire situation so germane to their own work. This short statement appears so far only on the radio broadcast and takes another small step toward a definitive stand against these proposed laws.

Exodus International opposes this legislation as we believe that the Christian Church must be a safe, compassionate place for those who are confused and conflicted by their sexuality. Such legislation would inhibit church and ministry leader’s ability to assist hurting individuals struggling with this issue.

We would like to see language more appropriate to the confronting of such a heinous proposal as this dreadful bill, but better late to the table than never.

A Facebook group on this issue has been set up and has nearly 4000 members at last count.


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