-A spokesman for Stand For Marriage Maine admits that the organization has made dishonest claims in its ads.

-Congressman Jared Polis’ partner talks about being a gay congressional spouse.

-Another anti-gay crusader is caught in a scandal.

-Irish sports star Donal Og Cusack comes out of the closet.

-Protect Marriage Washington ramps up its anti-gay rhetoric.

-Jason Kuznicki considers whether hate crime laws cause more harm than good in some situations.

-An 86-year-old World War II veteran speaks out in support of marriage equality.

-Focus on the Family donates $98,500 to Stand For Marriage Maine.

-The Church of Sweden’s governing board votes to allow gays to marry in its churches.

-Jonathan Rauch examines the broader implications of Stand For Marriage Maine’s concern over school curricula.

-The US Senate passes the Matthew Shepard hate crimes bill.

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