This post was written by David Roberts and Emily K.

While the situation in Uganda continues to spiral down, Exodus has issued a response of sorts by way of a post by Vice President Randy Thomas to the official Exodus blog. He refers to the constant pleas by those of us who have been working to avoid the inhumane pain and bloodshed that the coming laws will provide an already repressive society as “North American noise,” and to us as “American militant gay activists.”

What little we have seen come from Exodus on this matter has been weak and filled with attempts to cover their collective posteriors. These “militant gay activists” contacted Exodus behind the scenes in plenty of time for them to call, email, fax, etc, Don Schmierer and ask him to avoid participating. He was to appear with some truly despicable characters for what no one with the ability to form coherent sentences could possibly have mistaken for a positive event. To say otherwise is simply shameful.

That said, it is interesting how American militant gay activists demand that Exodus has no right or authority to speak into public policy here in the states (where we have 230+ Member Agencies facing potential threats to their religious liberties) but then demand that we speak into public policy in other countries like Uganda where we have 0 Member Agencies.

The comparison made here is between some imaginary loss of liberties for the Exodus Network in the United States and the arrest and execution of gay men and women, their supporters, friends, and family in Uganda.  Arrest and execution for doing nothing more than living their lives with some degree of integrity and freedom. This comparison is beyond self-centered, it is disgusting.

These same “American militant gay activists” privately informed Exodus of the situation in Uganda, and the danger of Schmierer speaking there, and did so in plenty of time for Alan Chambers to have contacted Schmierer himself and ask him to bow out. This would have been the position of integrity, showing some true interest in the well being of the people Exodus claims to care so much about. If this had happened, these same “American militant gay activists” could have and would have written a positive story about what Exodus had done when presented with the facts.

Scott Lively is a holocaust revisionist, conspiratorial nut and part of a hate group. Richard Cohen is a joke and has been discredited more ways than can be represented here. So, Exodus, what is your excuse?

Randy’s response to the conference was this self-righteous statement:

It isn’t going to be a gay activist yelling at the Ugandan government that will actually get our ssa brothers and sisters out of jail. It will be people like me pleading with these leaders to recognize the Christ-likeness inherent in respecting self-determination and the dignity of every soul that draws breath. If I had the opportunity I would go directly to the jail and visit these people and plead for their freedom.  It wouldn’t matter if that ssa person identified as gay or agreed with me … they should not be in jail and I would try everything I could to get them out and safe.

He has yet to book a flight, even after this recent turn of events. Randy became somewhat self-concious of his statement and “clarified” with the following:

I know that I like to play around with how groovy I am. I also like to twitter my thoughts on world domination but apparently I think I am also the only one who can create a cultural revolution in Uganda. (joke.)

Well, the “joke” isn’t funny. Not then and especially not now, where people’s lives are on the line. While Randy is spending his time at Exodus’ second-highest post blogging and twittering, Uganda’s sexual minorities will spend their time wondering if their deaths are imminent.

Just be specific for a change. You screwed up, royally, and it has caused damage. Admit it, ask forgiveness and then take some action to correct it. Aside from a dwindling choir, no one is impressed with what you are saying right now.

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