Some may remember Michael Glatze from his ex-gay debut a couple of years ago. Formerly co-editor of XY Magazine, Glatze and boyfriend of ten years, Benjie Nycum, set out in 2004 to found YGA, another magazine designed for GLBT Youth.  Nycum and Glatze also co-authored the book XY Survival Guide while still working with XY in 2000.  YGA seems to have published only six issues and stopped publication after 2006.

While all this makes a fine resume for a thirty-something, there is no evidence that Glatze was ever the kind of major “gay rights leader” that conservative commentators claimed when presenting him to the world as having “left homosexuality.”  While many had at least heard of XY, no one in this writer’s acquaintance had ever heard of Glatze until the World Net Daily article in July 2007.

Shortly after that article, and the small flurry of posts which followed, things began to appear a bit odd.  While Glatze was supposedly getting spiritual and moral support from, of all people, Peter LaBarbera, we started getting some of the background on him.  While Glatze was only 13, his father died of a heart condition.  His mother followed while Glatze was 19.

Glatze was said to have made some poor choices in his 20s, and to have suffered from intense and frequent panic attacks prior to his announcement in 2007.   Heart palpitations led him to obsessively consider that he might have the same heart issues that killed his father, and that his own death was imminent.  His (former by this time) boyfriend, Nycum, was concerned about Glatze’ state of mind and well being.  The image of a very troubled man was emerging.

It was perhaps these issues, along with the fact that Glatze became affiliated with the Mormon Church, that led conservative evangelicals to stop promoting him.  Glatze quickly fell off the radar.  He backed out of some interviews at the last minute, and refused further contact.  The last major blip was an interview with Joseph Nicolosi published on the National Association for the Research and Therapy of Homosexuality (NARTH) web site in September 2007 (though the actual interview took place the summer before).  Little if anything has been mentioned publicly about Glatze since then.

Then, a couple of weeks ago, Glatze contacted GLBT rights activist Wayne Besen to ask for an interview.  We have heard from others who say they have received a similar request.  Besen declined, but relayed that Glatzed sounded a bit desperate to receive attention.

Sometime in the past five days, Glatze closed his Facebook account (cached version).  Yesterday, October 7, he started posting to a blog.  The posts are rapid and short, resembling twitter chat more than blog posts.  Disjointed and some quite offensive, we thought it germane enough to relay to readers.  Some examples:

Have I mentioned lately how utterly *disgusting* Obama is? And, yes, it’s because he’s black. God, help us all.

It’s a shame Obama is black. He could end up setting back race relations decades.

If Obama had a baby with Down’s Syndrome, he’d probably be frustrated that the child’s intelligence would never be enough to discern that his father is the Messiah. Knowing this, Obama would probably have his Down’s Syndrome baby killed, before it was ever born.

It is not possible to be a man, if you’re constantly wishing you could have a man.

I am tired of sitting here, writing nothing, hoping someone will connect with me. I’d rather go out and have sex with my girlfriend.

Interspersed with such comments are others like these:

I sing praises to the Glory of the Holy Father, God Almighty.

If you look to the East you will find the coming of our Lord. Yes!

What kind of place would you like to live in? Would it be a castle? A house on the beach? A nice cabin in the mountains? (I have the latter. For now!)

I’d have to say that the truth of the Kingdom is that you know, you KNOW, you are living in the place of your dreams.

What is going on here?  We have checked the email used in his Blogspot profile against the one he used in his request to Besen and they do match.  The image in his Blogspot profile is also the same as the one in his old Facebook account.  There seems no doubt this is Glatze, but the comments indicate someone who may be even worse off than he appeared two years ago.  If anyone out there knows Glatze, perhaps it would be wise to make sure he is getting whatever help he really needs.

At least we hope that any would-be Glatze promoters might think twice about placing him on the stage again.  As Besen determined, that would be unwise and exploitative.  Whether he is in need of help or is actually expressing genuine prejudice and hatred, giving him a platform would seem to be pointless and irresponsible at best.

According to their web site, Glatze is again working for The Shambhala Mountain Center, which has a Buddhist meditative theme. Between GLBTs, Evangelical Christians, Mormons and Buddhists, Glatze seems to be searching for something, but his recent ramblings make it unlikely he has found it.


Apparently Glatze did finally find someone who would give him a platform.  Just as I was about to post this, I noticed that there is a new column by Glatze in World Net Daily that appeared about 30 minutes ago.  This is the same ultra-conservative, anti-gay web site that published the first story about him in 2007.  Again, it is a disturbing rant which can only serve to emphasize the points made in this post.

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