-Same-sex couples begin marrying in Vermont.

-Former Maryland Gov. Parris Glendening apologizes for his past opposition to same-sex marriage.

-Conservapedia continues to defend Paul Cameron’s “research.”

-Carrie Prejean sues Miss California USA officials for religious discrimination.

-A Washington state judge rejects a challenge to Referendum 71, but leaves the door open to further challenges.

-Focus on the Family cites the case of a former Hewlett Packard employee who was fired for repeatedly posting anti-gay Bible verses he admitted were “intended to be hurtful” in its arguments against the Employment Non-Discrimination Act.

-The government of India leans toward accepting the Delhi High Court’s decision legalizing gay relationships.

-The National Organization for Marriage comes under scrutiny in Iowa for possible ethics violations.

-Simultaneously, NOM offshoot Stand For Marriage Maine comes under investigation in Maine for possible ethics violations.

-A group of moderate Muslim scholars argue that homosexuality is natural and should not be condemned by Islam.

-Richard Rosendall reminds LGBT activists to be firm but civil when engaging political opponents.

-Focus on the Family announces another round of layoffs.

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