-The anti-gay witch hunt in Uganda continues to expand.

-Straight film critic filmmaker Ken Russell celebrates gay cinema.

-The Gay and Lesbian Review Worldwide takes a look at the ex-gay survivors movement.

-Britain’s Conservative Party woos gay voters.

-Congressman (and Iraq War vet) Patrick Murphy launches a new effort to repeal Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.

-Peterson Toscano reports on a college student forced into ex-gay therapy by his parents.

-Christian singer Derek Webb releases a song challenging the way evangelical Christians treat gays.

-Richard Rosendall criticizes the ultimatums issued by the Dallas Principles.

-El Paso police harass a group of gay men at a local restaurant.

-The state of Massachusetts files a lawsuit challenging the Defense of Marriage Act.

-Same-sex marriage legislation remains stalled in the New York State Senate.

-Massachusetts State Senator Stan Rosenberg comes out of the closet.

-The Supreme Court of India to hear a challenge filed by an astrologer to the Delhi High Court’s ruling decriminalizing gay relationships.

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