Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays, Inc (PFOX) is no longer affiliated with Exodus International, according to Exodus President Alan Chambers, via Warren Throckmorton’s blog.

Within the last couple of weeks, PFOX gave up affiliation with Exodus. While Chambers declined to give reasons for the PFOX move, he indicated that Exodus would not seek any future relationship. He noted that PFOX is a public policy organization and their activities do not fit in with the mission and direction of Exodus.

Chambers says that PFOX, a long time Exodus affiliate, decided not to renew their membership.  However, he also says that their “public policy” activities do not fit in with Exodus.  This raises the question, why would Exodus wait for PFOX to decide to leave if their purpose isn’t appropriate for an Exodus affiliate?

Of all the bizarre incidents and claims that are associated with PFOX, it seems rather strange as well that Chambers focuses on only this one (public policy) especially since this is an activity with which Exodus is quite familiar.  Still, Exodus has been desperately trying to change their image in this area, and mentioning it here could simply be an opportunity to use the PFOX news for that purpose.

Years ago, PFOX added the “and Gays” to the end of their name, though the official records do not reflect that.  One explanation for the change could be that it was somewhat confusing and allowed them entrée to areas that might not be as accepting to a severely anti-gay group.  As Throckmorton mentions, PFOX’s use of civil rights language, claiming that “ex-gay” is a complete and distinct sexual-orientation, is disturbing to say the least.  There is certainly nothing at all to suggest that PFOX is a “friend of gays.”

We are checking on the details of this division, and will report if more comes to light.  For now, PFOX has lost what little “credibility” they might have been able to claim in that world.  While we are glad to see Exodus separated from them, we are not entirely convinced that it was PFOX’s choice.

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