The pastor of a Connecticut Pentecostal church in the news for performing an exorcism on a gay teen told CNN that her church is not against homosexuality.

“We do not hate [homosexuals]. We do not come up against them. We just do not believe in their lifestyle,” said Pastor Patricia McKinney of Manifested Glory Church, Bridgeport. Asked whether a gay person could be a member of the church, she said they could not live the lifestyle, but “when you come in, you can get delivered by the power of the Holy Spirit.”

She later added that homosexuals are “all welcome in our church, but when they come in, they have to get delivered.” Pastor McKinney said that the 16-year-old boy seen in a video convulsing as he underwent a demonic deliverance was “a very religious young man” who was “very spiritual and very powerful,” and consented to prayer because he “did not want to live this way.”

Expounding on the beliefs behind the deliverance, McKinney said, “Everyone carries a spirit. You have the alcohol spirit. You have the crack cocaine spirit. You have the adulterous spirit.”

Watch the original video – in which McKinney and others are heard shouting commands such as “Loose your grip, Lucifer, you sex demon!” at the gay teen –  and decide for yourself whether the 25-strong church is “against homosexuality.”

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