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According to Edge Boston, the police have located the twelve-year-old boy who called himself ChristianU2uber, along with his family.  The young man had been posting videos of himself talking about various subjects, but his claims of “having been gay, but changed” and tirades laced with repeated calls for others to stop calling him “homo” were of great concern to many bloggers.  In at least one video, he repeatedly slaps his face and head, apparently quite hard, and describes other violent outlets such as throwing bricks and watching them smash into pieces.

There was some discussion between XGW and other blogs about the pros and cons of posting about this originally.  On the one hand, we wanted more people to flag the account so someone might check into the matter.  On the other hand, we didn’t want to bring any more notoriety to his account, as it was already plastered with vile comments.  In the end, we posted without his picture after World Net Daily wrote about him as though he were a valiant defender of the faith with his talk against gay marriage.  Our post included a plea that others flag the account.

Youtube can be a rough place, but something did not seem right in this instance, and clearly someone needed to check on it.  One  had to ask where the parents where during this prolific outpouring.  Apparently enough people asked the question, including other blogs and news outlets.  Texas’ Collin County police have spoken with the boy, and his parents, and counseling is being provided.  

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