In an eerily Orwellian move, the anti-gay conference in Kampala, Uganda, has produced serious calls for gays there to be placed into forced “therapy.”  From UGPulse:

The Minister of Ethics and Integrity, Dr. James Nsaba Buturo has today told a conference organized to discuss the ways to fight Homosexuality that he will soon submit a bill on pornography and homosexuality for discussion in Parliament.

The conference that took place at Parliament was organized by Defend the Family International, an organization in the United States of America that was formed to fight homosexuality.

Buturo says the he will present the bill against pornography first before presenting that against homosexuality though he declines to mention exactly when these bills will be presented to Parliament.

He says pornography is partly a cause of homosexuality since it negatively affects the morals of the victims of pornography and makes them easily susceptible to the vice of homosexuality.

He says the provision in the penal code on homosexuality is too small to cover all concerns in homosexuality.

Buturo says the government will not only end at making laws against homosexuality but will also engage in sensitizing schools and churches in the fight against this vice.

The President of Defend the Family International, Scott Lively says it is good for the government of Uganda to criminalize homosexuality but the government should subject the criminals of homosexuality to a therapy rather than imprisoning them.

Lively says this is aimed at the criminals recovering from homosexuality which is the main objective of those fighting homosexuality and not to punish homosexuals through imprisonment. He says even schools should borrow this idea of therapy in dealing with gay students.

XGW warned Exodus privately and publicly of the dangers associated with this meeting, and why one of their board members had no business being there. These warnings were met with weak responses, if any, and nothing for the record. Our own contact on the ground there has heard nothing from Don Schmierer (Exodus) to indicate his disagreement with anything so far.

This entire affair is shameful and Exodus International has a very short window in which to soundly renounce the entire conference, the idea of forced therapy and, as we suggested earlier, call for the decriminalization of homosexuality in Uganda and the rest of the world. We also believe they have no choice but to ask for Schmierer to resign from the Exodus board. As a representative of Exodus, an ex-gay organization, we don’t believe he can speak on the subject of “preventing homosexuality” without strongly reflecting back on Exodus.

This needs a loud and unambiguous response from Exodus and International Healing Foundation as well, and it needs to be now.

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