-U.S. President Barack Obama asks for a study of the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” military policy.

-Matt Barber commends Nigeria for its stance on imprisoning gays, people who attend gay weddings, and others who “aid and abet” gays in any way.

-Peter LaBarbera is upset that President Obama intends to name a gay man, John Berry, to be head of the Office of Personnel Management.

-Sally Kern goes where most anti-gay activists have gone before, proclaiming that she’s found a copy of the “gay agenda” in Marshall Kirk and Hunter Madsen’s little-read book “After the Ball.”

Despite legal actions attempted by Proposition 8 supporters, a list of “Yes On 8” donors – those who donated $100 or more – has been released to the public. Among the donations revealed was $190,000 from the LDS Church – much more than previously reported.

-Via Mike Airhart of Truth Wins Out, an observation that the more fervently ex-gay activists try to find a more “legitimate” label for themselves, the more being gay becomes the center of their identity.

-A Colorado legislator calls the religious right’s bluff and introduces a bill to extend caretaking and inheritance rights to unmarried partners, including same-sex couples.

-Italian superstar Al Bano Carrisi voices his disdain for gays.

-The Wyoming House of Representatives votes against placing an anti-gay marriage amendment on the state ballot.

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