Wayne Besen of Truth Wins Out is countering anti-gay prejudice by publishing a full-page advertisement in the Salt Lake Tribune today.

The ad is a response to last week’s New York Times ad sponsored by No Mob Veto, which used a handful of incidents to paint the entire backlash against Proposition 8 – California’s constitutional amendment to ban marriage equality for gays and lesbians – as a campaign of “violence and intimidation.”

TWO’s ad will take conservative Christian leaders to task for portraying the demonstration as mob rule, when in fact only a small number of violent incidents have marred an otherwise peaceful and lawful protest.

Besen also accuses leaders of hypocrisy for denouncing “anti-religious bigotry” and defending the Latter Day Saints, while their own rhetoric reveals a history of anti-Mormon sentiment.

Signatories of the NYT ad included Catholic Bill Donohue and evangelical Chuck Colson, who once claimed that Mormons “are not Christians.”

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