vote-no-red.jpgWhile the US votes for a new president, the states of California, Arizona and Florida will also vote today on state-constitutional amendments outlawing marriage between gay men and women.

Proposition 8 (CA), Proposition 102 (AZ) and Amendment 2 (FL) are attempts to deny gays and lesbians equal rights by defining marriage as solely the union of “one man and one woman.” If the anti-gay, “pro-family” lobby has its way, many gay families will no longer be recognized as families, and future generations of gay men and women will never have the same rights as heterosexuals to build a marriage and a family.

If you live in any of the affected states, get out and make your vote count, if not for yourself, then for the sake of gay families now and in the future.

We also encourage you to share your thoughts and discuss the issues here on this thread. In particular, keep us updated with the latest news from where you live.

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