Last month, the Associated Press reported that a church which Vice Presidential hopeful Gov. Sarah Palin currently attends was promoting the recent Love Won Out conference in Anchorage, Alaska. Truth Wins Out called on her to speak out about this, but she never did. TWO’s Wayne Besen was present along with many supportive organizations and individuals to counter LWO with peaceful demonstrations that encouraged the truth to be told about the LGBTQ community.Gov. Palin did not at first address homosexuality by calling it a “choice.” She gave one of her first interviews to Charlie Gibson and said the following:

In her first interview with Charlie Gibson last month, Gov. Palin indicated that she is aware of the nature vs. nurture debate on the cause of homosexuality, and that she seems to consider the answer based on belief, rather than science.

Oh, I don’t know, but I’m not one to judge and, you know, I’m from a family and from a community with many, many members of many diverse backgrounds and I’m not going to judge someone on whether they believe that homosexuality is a choice or genetic. I’m not going to judge them. [emphasis added]

Later, a clip of Gov. Palin speaking to journalist Katie Couric was posted to the Internet where Palin had this to say:

And you know, I don’t know what prayers are worthy of being prayed and I don’t know what prayers are going to be answered or not answered. But as for homosexuality, I am not going to judge Americans and the decisions that they make in their adult personal relationships. I have one of my absolute best friends for the last 30 years who happens to be gay, and I love her dearly, and she is not my “gay friend,” she is one of my best friends, who happens to have made a choice that isn’t a choice that I have made. But I’m not going to judge people. [emphasis added]

In response to the comments made in the second interview, former ex-gay Daniel Gonzales released a video telling Palin how he tried to go straight by praying and participating in years of therapy costing thousands of dollars but was still unsuccessful. Wayne Besen has also sent her a gratis copy of his ex-gay expose book, Anything But Straight: Unmasking the Scandals and Lies Behind the Ex-Gay Myth.

XGW does not officially endorse any particular party or ticket as doing so would be contrary to our mission.  This article involving Alaska Governor and Vice Presidential hopeful Sarah Palin is not a tacit endorsement of another politician – rather, the term “ex-gay” has come up numerous times in conjunction with her name.  Please limit the discussion to that scope and avoid political or ad-hominem attacks.  Thank you.

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