david-pickup.jpgEx-gay therapist David Pickup has told the American Psychological Association that he practices “reorientation … therapy,” despite claiming on his website that what he offers is “not therapy.”

XGW has already reported on Pickup’s bizarre testimony, which centers on his admiration for big, muscley, men and his belief that gay men cannot be truly masculine. Through Healing for the Soul, a counseling ministry led by Jayson Graves (an Exodus board member), Pickup dubs himself a “life coach,” and takes other same-sex-attracted men through the same “transformation into heterosexuality.”

At last week’s APA Convention in Boston, Massachusetts, Pickup joined other Christians, including NARTH’s Dr Joseph “Joe” Nicolosi, to protest the supposed exclusion of religious conservatives from a task force on reparative therapy:

I am an ex-homosexually oriented man who provides reorientation/change therapy for men who want this. I myself have greatly benefited from this type of therapy, so I guess I would ask the same question that the other gentleman asked: Is there a place for me in the APA?

I’m confused, David. Are you a reorientation therapist or not? Or is it just when you’re helping Joe?

Incidentally, Pickup has yet to respond to XGW’s enquiry whether he starred in the pro-gay comedy short Queerspiracy! (2002) and the soft porn film Deviant Desires (2002), as the Internet Movie Database claims.

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