• Paige Schilt of Soulforce shares about her experiences on the American Family Outing.
  • The Asheville chapter of PFLAG hosts the Real Families Picnic in response to Exodus’ conference.
  • Cartoonist Jack T. Chick, known for his infamous “Chick Tracts,” has aligned himself with Nazi-admiring anti-gay “researcher” Paul Cameron.
  • Residents of the Greek island of Lesbos have unsuccessfully tried to make it illegal for anyone to identify as “lesbian” if they do not originate from the island. They claim that gay women who use the term “lesbian” to describe themselves are damaging the islanders’ cultural heritage.
  • YouTuber “Planet Narth” gives us a “great thought” from Joseph Nicolosi.
  • From “Good As You:” Peter LaBarbera, known in many circles as “Porno Pete” for his tireless “investigation” of gay pornography of all kinds, has posted an obscure image to his website that lives up to that nickname. Its purpose? To illustrate his opposition to gays and lesbians serving openly in the military.

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