• Other Sheep Kenya will host a seminar on Christianity and Homosexuality in Nairobi on July 7-9.
  • The daughter of a gay man shares about being separated from her father by Christian relatives.
  • Anti-gay news groups insist on using the word “homosexual” as opposed to “gay” to emphasize their belief that LGBTQ persons are sex-obsessed. “Gay” sounds too positive; “Homosexual” has the word “sex” in it. To ease the strain on manual editing, One News Now does a “search and replace” for the word “gay” on all articles it reprints. Unfortunately, the proper name “Gay” also gets searched and replaced, making for hilarious and foolish-looking consequences.
  • CitizenLink maligns single parents in its zeal to ban same-sex marriage in Arizona.
  • Randy Thomas’ ex-gay testimony is featured in an article on the website Church Solutions. Randy still uses the lacking evidence of a single “gay gene” to “prove” that homosexuality isn’t biological, despite the fact that science has long been focusing on diverse biological factors to explain homosexuality as opposed to a single gene theory.

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