There have been best wishes for David Benkof this weekend as he “takes his life in another direction.” Others confessed to having “misjudged” him, and hailed a change of position brought about through “logic [and] reasoning.”

What has the anti-gay-marriage activist done to provoke this response? He has announced on his blog (which blog now seems to have disappeared – cache here) that he is giving up the fight against gay marriage because of “disturbing information” that makes it “impossible” for him to keep supporting the pro-traditional marriage lobby.

While we have no solid sources we can quote at the moment, we have heard enough to suspect that he is speaking of the refusal of certain organizations, in this case Christian based, to hire a Jewish person (Benkof is Jewish). While we think this a fairly common practice for such groups — not hiring those who do not share their faith and mission — apparently Benkof was surprised by this and considers it antisemitic.

In some of the comments there appears to be an air of concern for Benkof, a sense that he has had some genuine change of heart, and even a sense of congratulation for this apparent volte-face.

Ex-Gay Watch cannot join in the celebrations. Benkof has proved himself consistently deceptive, vindictive and lacking in basic integrity. Our authors have personally been harassed and intimidated by Benkof, both publicly and privately. His turnaround on the marriage issue, accompanied by such vague reasoning, does nothing to inspire confidence.

One less voice decrying gays and lesbians and denying them their rights can only be a good thing. But do we at XGW (do gays and lesbians!) have any reason to trust Benkof because of this sudden announcement? Only if we ignore his consistently unprincipled behavior.

On the plus side, the crowd at Pam’s House Blend seem to have figured out Benkof pretty quickly.

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