• LGBT activists working with Soulforce open a dialogue with Bishop Harry Jackson of Hope Christian Church in Maryland.
  • Timothy Kincaid continues to methodically and intelligently disassemble “pro-gay marriage defender” David Benkof, who despite claiming to have ties to the gay press, has been dropped by the last gay publication to feature him. Kincaid also picks apart Benkof’s latest article, which attempts to prove that monogamy is not a gay family value. In the mean time, Benkof finds an ally in being cited on Peter LaBarbera’s website.
  • Jason Kuznicki ponders the ramifications that a cure for homosexuality would present.
  • The Orange County Register endorses marriage equality.
  • Truth Wins Out will join the Coalition for Equality in Asheville, North Carolina to counter an Exodus conference to be held there July 15-20. A schedule of events can be seen here.
  • According to RWW, Janet Folger is set on becoming a martyr. Convinced that Colorado’s anti-discrimination Bill (SB 200) – which prevents discrimination against LGBTQ persons in public accommodations – will make it illegal to distribute her anti-gay book “The Criminalization of Christianity,” she intends to fly out to Denver to “break the law.” She then poses the possibility that she will be writing her next column “from a jail cell.”
  • Disgraced former pastor Ted Haggard returns to Colorado Springs.
  • Peter LaBarbera is very concerned about a Congressional hearing concerning Transgender discrimination in the workplace, because he says it will force businesses to advocate “gender confusion.” But for LaBarbera, this cloud has a silver lining: “when most people see ‘big bulky men in dresses’ they immediately ‘recoil.’”

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