• September 5 has been set as the theatrical release date for “Save Me,” the ex-gay drama starring Chad Allen and Judith Light.
  • TWO: A panel on “gender issues” organized by the Southern Baptist Church is overrun by ex-gays, is all white and all male except for one member, and seeks to acquire Southern Baptist financial support. They supposedly are also here to offer a “Way Out.”
  • Soulforce, Jay Bakker and Peterson Toscano dialogue with the leaders of Willow Creek Church.
  • Wayne Besen reports of a man whose partner was “brainwashed” away from him by a born-again Christian woman who pretended to be his friend. The woman was determined “at all costs” to break the couple up and get them out of each other’s lives.
  • Peter LaBarbera has accused a Chicago PBS station of airing “religiously-bigotted, pro-homosexual” programming at the taxpayers’ expense. The program aired was about a men’s chorus.
  • Ted Baehr argues that homosexuals must be a tiny minority since gay-themed movies earn only one-tenth as much as “movies with very strong Christian worldviews.” By his own logic, then, Christians must outnumber gays ten to one, which would suggest the gay population is between 7-8% – several times higher than Focus on the Family’s numbers and hardly a “tiny minority.”
  • Timothy Kincaid of BTB examines “pro-gay marriage-defender” David Benkof, exposing his positions, claims, and arguments by going through them with a fine-tooth comb.

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