As XGW reported a few days ago, Stephen Black, director of Exodus charter member First Stone Ministries, appeared at the recent rally in support of Oklahoma Representative Sally Kern. The rally was orchestrated by fifty or so churches and assorted ministries who seem to have latched on to Kern as a sort of patron saint in their crusade against the dreaded “homosexual agenda.”

Black was there to lend his support as can be seen in the video below. The second clip is shorter and contains most of Blacks remarks of support, while the first is a general resume of his life, with an emphasis on “overcoming homosexuality.”

To date, Exodus International has not provided an official response to Kern’s statements, despite our request early in the controversy. To that we received a “no comment” from Exodus president Alan Chambers.

If you would like to share any personal experience you have had with Stephen Black and First Stone Ministries, good or bad, please contact XGW at All communication will be held in strict confidence.

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