Parents And Friends Of Ex-Gays And Gays (PFOX) recently published an article by an unknown Erica Heny* about Gender Identity Disorder (GID) from an African-American perspective. The article “The Emperor’s New Gender” likens people living with GID to the foolish emperor in the well-known Hans Christian Andersen tale. Ms. Heny goes on to compare trans folk with African-Americans wishing their skin was white to avoid prejudice and slavery.

Assuming a gender identity that is in contradiction to one’s biological reality begs a suspension of disbelief, like that required when watching a theatrical production. People with gender identity disorder believe – and expect everyone else to believe – a fairy-tale that simply isn’t true.

Unfortunately, this is not about a fairy tale. Ms. Heny seems unaware of research conducted over the last decade to suggest that GID is an inborn condition which defines MtFs as females and FtMs as males. She states that people with GID are delusional, but let’s take a look at the psychological evidence.

Male to Female’s have female neuron numbers, Female to Males have male neuron numbers (PDF):

The number of SOM neurons in the BSTc of the transwomen [MtF] was similar to the other women (P=0.83). In contrast, the neuron number of a transmen [FtM] was found to be in the male range.

And in “How does one know if one is male or female?“:

The brain, however, as in other Intersex conditions, can develop along one sex/gender path while other organs develop along another. Put simply, the brain can develop as male while other parts of the body develop as female.

Ignoring this research regarding brain sex, Ms. Heny attributes “gender delusion” to transwomen, while her own brain size has been clinically proven to be neurologically the same as a MtF transgender. The brain would appear to define perception and expression, both sexual and gender, regardless of one’s biological sex.

She also writes:

Segregation demanded that blacks go to the back of the bus and give priority seating to whites because of the belief by whites that blacks were not people. Today’s transgender legislation requires that biological females, in order to protect their privacy, give priority use of restrooms, showers and locker rooms to males who believe they are female.

By her logic, a post-operative female to male transgender (with beard and penis) is still a delusional biologically born female who should be allowed access to ladies restrooms, showers, and locker rooms.

Truth can be stranger than fiction. The evidence indicates that brain sex that determines a person’s gender is innate. An African-American’s skin is innately black, and the Emperor’s body is innately male. Ms. Heny ignores the evidence regarding innate characteristics, and her comparisons are contradictory.

*Some other sources say “Henry”

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