If you like to read but need to stick to a budget or just want to go green, check out wowio.com. They have a nice selection of e-books (PDF format) and they are adding more. Best of all, they are free! There is a decent gay and lesbian section – I just downloaded Going to Heaven: The Life and Election of Bishop Gene Robinson – along with all the other title categories one would expect.

You are asked to sign up, which amounts mostly to verifying your location. Apparently their licensing allows only those in the US to benefit (this may change). A valid, non-free email address will take care of that, or if not, you can use a credit card (verification only) or even your driver’s license. They allow up to three downloads a day, for a maximum of 30 each month. The PDFs are even printable – unusual for e-books.

Compensation seems to come from advertising, both on the site and on the first page of the e-book. There are also quite a few marketing survey questions asked during sign-up, but answers aren’t required. I couldn’t find any catch, but feel free to comment if you do.

So, head over and enjoy guilt-free reading pleasure!

Note: XGW is not affiliated with wowio.com in any way.

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