In what is described as a small gathering that was apparently not meant for public ears, an Oklahoma State Representative rails on about the “homosexual agenda,” using any number of discredited, Paul Cameron inspired quotes. According to, the speaker is Rep. Sally Kern, R-Oklahoma City, sponsor of HB 1569 mentioned in the clip.

Claiming that “gays are infiltrating city councils,” she boldly announces that various parts of the nation – Kensington MD, Pittsburgh PA, West Palm Beach FL, and more – are all under the “control” of gays. It takes no imagination to understand the war-like hyperbole she uses. But as if to make certain the point comes across, she continues with this:

I honestly think it’s the biggest threat our nation has, even more so than terrorism or Islam.

If you’ve ever had doubts as to what is said by some lawmakers about gays behind closed doors, this should help. While many have learned to clean up their act in public, bigotry is a powerful thing. The really sad part is that Rep. Kern must have realized that saying these things would be well received, at least by those constituent present.

In 2004, Rep. Kern was elected with 67.65% of the vote in District 84. Citizens of Oklahoma, for goodness sakes please do not re-elect this woman.

Update: Pams House Blend has a copy of an email Kern sent to a person named Richard who asked her to explain her recorded comments. She apparently agrees with the democratic process as long as the voters agree with her (a gay man is running for a statewide seat).

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