The following is a quote from a major ex-gay ministry leader:

The Homosexual Agenda…Myth.

Yes, I believe there are many people with many agendas.

However, I do not believe there is an American-wide gay conspiracy that is played up in by Coral Ridge and some other conservative Christian organizations to generate fear.

What I *do* believe is that in the spiritual realm, there are demonic spirits who have an evil agenda of destruction and hate, and they are the ones deceiving and manipulating both gays and straights to achieve THEIR agenda.

In decrying the way gay people are portrayed by many churches and other organizations, this leader went on to call for an “honest portrayal”:

Instead of showing gays cavorting in the streets why not show the ones who are actively seeking to make positive contributions to society? For example, most of the best AIDS Outreach programs in America are secular organizations staffed or directed by openly gay individuals. The Church could tremendously benefit from the knowledge these secular agencies have obtained in trying to help PWA’s deal with HIV and Aids. The point is, the rest of the world knows that there is more to homosexuality than what is being presented. Be honest. It is not simply about a sex act, it is about a community, identity and feelings.

And out of frustration with the political involvement of so many ministries, they said:

This politically fixated speech has to stop and the gospel must be put into action. I want to see the Coral Ridge leaders start serving the gay community instead of fighting them. I want to see them lay down their own agendas and start picking up God’s, which is salvation, not the next election. Our future does not lie in Washington D.C.; it lies in the palm of God’s hand and I want to bring as many with me as I can.

Some longtime readers may recognize this leader. Wendy Gritter? No, these quotes and more are from Randy Thomas, VP of Exodus International. They are taken from a letter he wrote ten years ago, protesting the use of his story by Coral Ridge Ministries (Dr. James Kennedy). At the time, he was co-director of Living Hope Ministries, an Exodus member. The letter appeared on the website of Justice & Respect until 2002 when it was removed for reasons unknown. XGW mentioned it in 2003.

I encourage you to read the entire thing, then ask with me the obvious question; what happened to Randy Thomas?

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