Jeff Williamson is an articulate young man who grew up in a conservative, Christian family and church. When he came out to his parents last year, they sent him to a counselor recommended by Focus on the Family. He says they sent him there with the absolute expectation that he would become heterosexual. As Jeff had investigated things related to reparative therapy, he came prepared — apparently to the frustration of Hudson.

It’s nice to see a new generation of young people unwilling to listen to the old stereotypes, or be shamed into a situation not of their own choosing. Providing them with the facts, and helping them think for themselves, is one of the main goals of XGW.

Hat Tip: Daniel Gonzales, BoxTurtleBulletin.

Update 3-26-2008: The video is no longer available. According to Daniel, the subject of the video, Jeff, was concerned over “the ramifications of having certain aspects of his story in the public domain.” He has asked that the video be remade with an emphasis on those things he feels are most important about the story. When and if that happens, we will post the new and link to it from here.

Update 3-31-2008: Jeff’s new video is now available and has been put in place of the original and now unavailable one.  The emphasis is different, and were we to post the article today, having never seen the first one, our title and description might be someone different as well.  However, the content is self-explanatory.

Update 5-29-2009: The name of the counselor has been removed at Jeff’s request.  This is a rare occurrence, but we thought it fair to comply this time.  If additional facts come in about this counselor from other sources, we will post that separately.

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