Senior ESPN Writer LZ Granderson recounts his own frightening experience with a mob in New Orleans that started with taunts of “faggot.” Granderson is gay and also often writes about social issues surrounding sports on ESPN Page 2, where this story can be found.

As I walked by the group of men — on my way to the Playboy party, no less — one of them called me a faggot. Then another joined in. They followed me for a while, continuing to hurl names at me. I tried to ignore it but eventually the “Detroit” came out of me and I turned around and said some things I probably shouldn’t have. Next thing I know I’m surrounded and wondering if I’m going to see the dawn and if not for a pair of New Orleans policemen who saw trouble brewing and yelled at the group to break it up, I might not have.

He makes a plea to commissioner Roger Goodell to deal with homophobia in the NFL:

…if he’s serious about cleaning up his league, the topic of homophobia in the NFL needs to be included in that conversation. It doesn’t matter if he or I or any of you believe homosexuality is a choice or not. There’s a little something called respect for human life that should supersede the rules commonly found on the playground.

And something which I think sums his argument up perfectly:

For those of you who are reading this and believe I’m trying to forward some sort of agenda, let me be the first to tell you that you are absolutely correct. I want a country where it isn’t OK to get the snot kicked out of you because you’re different.

It’s nice to see an article like this from what might be considered by some an unexpected source. Perhaps if Granderson’s “agenda” catches on, it won’t be such a surprise to see in the not too distant future.

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