AustraliaOver 100 Christian ministers will be showing their support for Australia’s gay and lesbian community by marching in this year’s Sydney Mardi Gras parade. The multi-denominational group, which calls itself 100 Revs, has issued a formal apology for the Church’s mistreatment of gays, confessing that Christians have been “profoundly unloving” towards homosexuals:

As ministers of various churches and denominations we recognise that the churches we belong to, and the church in general, have not been places of welcome for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (GLBT) people, For these things we apologise. We are deeply sorry and ask the forgiveness of the GBLT community.

Author and former Assemblies of God evangelist Anthony Venn-Brown applauded the move towards reconciliation:

This wonderful act reminds me of the time the NSW Police marched in the parade for the first time. It was a sign of progress when the very organisation that had imprisoned the first marchers in 1978, joined the parade as participants, 20 or so years later.

He added that it was “a way forward of healing for us all.” Venn-Brown believes that those who sign the 100 Revs statement may become the targets of anger and hostility, even ostracized for their willingness to admit the wrongs. “Thank you for standing with us and welcome to our world,” he concluded.

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