Discredited anti-gay researcher Paul Cameron was guest speaker at a meeting of the Christian Council of Britain last month. Cameron used the opportunity to claim that homosexuals are responsible for 29 percent of child rapes and murders.

It is hard to say which is worse: Paul Cameron aligning himself with the far-right, nationalist Christian Council of Britain, or the Christian Council of Britain aligning itself with the virulently homophobic Paul Cameron. We know all about Cameron, but here’s a sample of where the CCB is at:

The Christian Council of Great Britain and Northern Ireland resolved that it recognises that all men are of one blood (or proto-race) in Adam through to Noah; and that from that one race divergent sub-races have historically devolved – Russian doll-like – (Genesis 11:1-9) so that we are now different, though related, races and nations of men, all of whom God has made (Psalms 86:9); which are each to bring their glory into the kingdom of God (Revelation 21:26). The Christian Council of Great Britain and Northern Ireland therefore resolved to recognise the godly importance of race and nation as groups based on this historical and providential process of objective descent: giving rise to different organically-formed communities; sharing and passing-on common genetically inherited (physical, intellectual and character) features, together with cultures, mores, relationships, loyalties, memories, and identities-in-common; and ultimately – by the will of God – national homelands, where an ongoing connection between land and people has developed, and can be encouraged and preserved (Acts 17:26). The Christian Council of Great Britain and Northern Ireland recognises these facts and privileges, especially with regard to the historic British people whose land this is. The Christian Council of Great Britain and Northern Ireland therefore resolved especially to welcome the British as such a People, and as individuals, into membership.

In other words, other races and cultures are fine; just don’t let them into our country. Elsewhere, CCB founder Reverend Robert West said that “the mixing of races challenges the glory of God”.

The CCB grew out of the racist British National Party (BNP), to which West – a councillor in his native Lincolnshire – later defected when he was ousted by the Tory Party. See these documentaries for evidence of the BNP’s ugliness, which it tries hard to disguise. British religion blogger Richard Bartholomew has documented the CCB, West’s career and the BNP connection extensively, beginning here.

What are we to conclude? That evidently neither Paul Cameron nor the Christian Council of Britain are fussy about the company they keep.

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