In a follow-up to Peterson Toscano’s post outlining the various types of harm someone may experience through ex-gay therapy and ministries, he has posted a blog entry that asks those involved what it means to them. He puts out specific questions and suggestions to other ex-gay survivors, to current ex-gays, to ex-gay providers and promoters and to those who are friends, family and allies to ex-gay survivors.

For people who run ex-gay ministries, provide ex-gay counseling, promote ex-gay experiences and refer to people to ex-gay programs, to folks who, like Warren Throckmorton, who are trying to come up with therapeutic guidelines for those who want to suppress their sexual orientation, you need to sit down, shut up and listen.

I don’t mean to be rude, but too many of you have immediately gone on the defensive and shut your ears. Warren Throckmorton, Alan Chambers, Jason Thompson, PFOX and Focus on the Family have each publicly downplayed the harm that ex-gay survivors say they experienced. Some say that no scientific proof exists that harm occurs. That is because no one has taken the time and the care to effectively study the harm. The recent study by Yarhouse and Jones fails miserably.

Source: Peterson Toscano’s Blog

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