JONAH LezHey JONAH, is anyone at the helm of your website home?

I have my doubts for a couple reasons. One is that it appears that the greeting on the main page has only been changed once.

The second and more important reason is because I found a strange menu option when I clicked on “FAQ.” The FAQ provides instant info on why male gays are gay and not straight. Obviously, this does not help lesbians. Not to worry! Simply click on the word “Lez” and you will find an explanation as to why Lesbians are gay and not straight.

Now, I have no problem seeing the word “Lez” or even being referred to as one. Honestly, I prefer the term “queer,” but that’s not the point. The point is that while gays can be referred to in many different terms and phrases – some more derogatory and controversial than others – it is very strange that an organization claiming at least a partially scientific standpoint on homosexuality would resort to using the word “lez” to refer to lesbians. Everywhere else, the site refers to lesbians as “homosexual” or “lesbian.” No other occurrence of the word can be found on their site.

I doubt that any serious pro gay rights blog would use the word “lez,” either – use of slang, derogatory or not, tends to cheapen the tone of an article, and would definitely work against their cause.

So is this a deliberate attempt to denigrate lesbians? I highly doubt it. I think it was just a slip-up, albeit a bigoted one. However, anyone coming across JONAH’s site for help might think, “would I want to seek help from an organization that refers to me as a ‘lez’ in a professional setting?” I recommend that JONAH do a once-over of their site to see if any other mistakes were made – and also to change their greeting more than once a year.

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