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We’ve been told that ABC will air two episodes of 20/20 tomorrow night, Friday, from 9 – 11 PM ET. They should focus partly on a return visit to the Exodus member ministry Love In Action, comparing things now to their first report which aired May 31, 2000. Of that visit, the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) had this to say:

The May 31 edition of 20/20 Wednesday ran a segment on reparative therapy, the controversial process that proponents claim can change unhappy homosexuals into happy heterosexuals. “Desperate to Change” focused on the religion-based ex-gay group Love in Action, its leaders and the men that live together in a communal setting while they go through the therapy. Reporter Peggy Wehmeyer is often skeptical about the therapy and challenges what she is told. When a doctor at Love in Action puts homosexuality on the same level as murder and rape, she calls him on the disparity. She also includes counterpoints from a therapist opposed to reparative therapy and interviews an ex-ex-gay man who reports that the therapy did not work, even though he completed the program.

John Smid and LIA have been through a lot since then, as has the ex-gay movement in general. Hopefully, ABC will push for the facts so everyone can assess this brand of conversion ministry for themselves, and decide if things have gotten better — or worse — in the last seven years.

There will also be a segment in the second hour about gay conversion therapies in general. We have heard that Dr. Jack Drescher will appear for that. The shows sound worthy of a Tivo at least. We will report on anything interesting we find. If something strikes you as interesting, feel free to discuss.

Addendum: Now we are being told that it will cover Love Won Out, specifically the Omaha conference. Whichever it is, LIA or LWO, it should be worth viewing.

CitizenLink quote:

“Many of the speakers at our conferences had to make a very difficult choice,” said Mónica Martí, Love Won Out media manager. “They had to choose to live their lives by God’s standard for sexuality, instead of bowing down to their own feelings or what popular culture said was unavoidable.

Again the core of Exodus, and the not so subtle ex-gay dichotomy is revealed; you have no real choice, our way is God’s way. And according to Alan Chambers, even celibacy is sinful, if one does not also consider the idea of loving someone of the same sex intimately wrong or even sinful.

And for the Christian, if the result of your struggle for understanding with God is not the same as ours, then one is “bowing down” to ones feelings. By choosing those words, Exodus’ media director is implying that one is making a god of sex.

Sad, very sad.

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