Both the news media and the blogosphere have been roaring their disapproval of Sen. Larry Craig’s “hypocrisy” after he was arrested for alleged lewd conduct in a Minneapolis/St. Paul airport restroom.

But exactly how was Craig allegedly hypocritical? That’s where the accusations become vague — they preach to the converted and assume that any hypocrisy is self-evident.

I don’t think it is.

We don’t know whether Craig is predominantly attracted to the same gender and therefore “gay.” Even if he were, it is not necessarily hypocritical to be homosexual and to oppose same-sex marriage and inclusion in hate-crime laws (though I do find those stances unjust and purposely mean).

What is hypocritical, in my opinion, is the tendency of people like Craig and avowed ex-gay activists like Michael Johnston to advocate for laws that would punish people who live responsible, honest and healthy lives — while these antigay advocates 1) practice sexual irresponsibility and dishonesty, putting other people’s health at risk, and 2) falsely assert that their own secret down-lowness is representative not of themselves, but of the innocents whom they battle.

In other words, it is not sexual orientation or “identity” that makes closeted or down-low antigay advocates hypocritical. It is their unethical, illegal and unhealthy sexual behavior — and perhaps more importantly, their false accusations and discrimination against those who live and act responsibly.

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