Steve Gallagher is president of Pure Life Ministries, a Kentucky-based live-in and at-home “ministry” for persons deemed to be sexual sinners.

Gallagher’s organization may not have healed a single soul of their same-gender romantic and sexual attraction, but he is eager to make life difficult for same-sex-attracted persons just the same.

In a guest column for the religious right’s OneNewsNow, Gallagher expresses disgust that — compared to the AIDS-hysteria days of 1987 — fewer evangelical Christians now support job discrimination against same-sex-attracted people who are teachers by profession.

Also, in Gallagher’s column, those who are politically correct (like him) are described as “godly” and those who disagree with him are, well, you take a guess.

The fact that Gospel-inspired churches increasingly ordain same-sex-attracted people of faith especially offends Gallagher, who seems to believe that Christian churches should be houses of self-righteousness and warfare — not worship, repentance, and service to others.

(Note: To the best of my knowledge, PLM is not affiliated with Exodus.)

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