Ex-ex-gay activist Peterson Toscano writes about sexuality, choice and the ex-gay journey in the latest New Statesman (a broadly left-wing British political weekly). Peterson writes both humorously and powerfully:

I chose to be authentic, to no longer demonise my sexuality, to integrate my faith with the rest of my life. I did choose to be a Christian, a Quaker, a vegan and an activist, but I never chose to be gay.

A talking point: How does Peterson’s description of of faith and sexuality compare to Warren Throckmorton‘s words on CNN last week?


I chose … to integrate my faith with the rest of my life.


The congruence with some clients will be with their sexuality; the congruence for others will be with their religious beliefs. Clearly some people feel that the most core aspect of them is their sexuality; others, on the other hand, believe that their religious values and their religious beliefs are the most core, and they would rather explore congruence of their behavior with those beliefs and values.

Are they in disagreement, or are they essentially talking about the same thing?

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