Focus on the Family and Alan Keyes’ Renew America have joined ex-gay activist Linda Jernigan and Peter LaBarbera in spreading an already-disproven false report that lesbian gangs are running amok in America’s cities. All four sources neglect to tell their readers that Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation didn’t want the story to run in local media because the story was, in fact, false — disproven by the Southern Poverty Law Center and reported as such by the New York Times. Instead, Jernigan says, “They [GLAAD] don’t want this type of information to get out,” she told Family News in Focus, “because then they know people’s eyes will be opened, they’ll begin to see this whole situation for what it really is.”

Addendum: Antigay activist Robert Knight has joined in fueling the scare via a July 18 article in Human Events. As with the other antigay activists, Knight declined to tell his readers that the “Fox News Channel investigation” was already withdrawn and, according to the SPLC, “based almost entirely on the lurid musings of a single Shelby County (Tenn.) gang officer.”

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