Charlene Cothran, the editor-in-chief of Venus Magazine who came out as an ex-gay earlier this year and proceeded to alienate her readers by turning her magazine into an ex-gay promotion piece and aligning herself with DL Foster and Peter LaBarbera, is back in the spotlight after an appearance on Pat Robertson’s CBN Network Thursday.

Some quotes of particular interest:

She’d grown up in a Christian home, and had come into the lesbian lifestyle at 19, after several bad relationships with boys.

“I didn’t want anything to do with men anymore,” she said. “I was away at college and that was a whole new world, and in that world there were many, many women who were attracted to me, and, of course, I was attracted to them. And these women were nurturing, wanted to get to know me intellectually — they were organizers whom I found a lot of comfort in. It felt good, it felt right.”

In other words, Cothran was originally heterosexual – or at least bisexual – before joining the lesbian community. No wonder, then, that she seems to regard same-sex attractions as a choice that one can walk away from, as she strongly implies in a recent article in Venus Magazine.

Regarding her current attractions, Cothran merely says “I’m living a celibate life. I’m so focused on the spirit right now, that I have no urges for anyone — man or woman.” It may have been more honest if she had announced her intentions to become celibate in the first place, but then would she be telling her story on the 700 Club?

Regarding the community she’s left behind:

“In order to fill up this empty space, they pretend to put on this wonderful face, ‘how gay and happy I am,’ when in fact — there’s a lot of loneliness in the gay community that’s not talked about, and it’s real.”

Apparently Cothran has not yet spent enough time in the evangelical community to realize that one could say the exact same thing about a large percentage of the people who sit in the pews of any given church on Sunday, simply by substituting “Christian” for “gay.” Nobody – gay or straight, married or single, Christian or otherwise – is immune from experiencing feelings of loneliness from time to time. The fast pace of modern American society may exacerbate the problem, but it’s still one that transcends all other social boundaries, and “finding Jesus” doesn’t by any means make one exempt.

Hopefully, once Cothran comes out of the honeymoon period of her conversion experience, she will learn to temper her claims and to develop a degree of respect for those whose experiences differ from hers.

Jeremy from provides the entire interview here.

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