TCMIf you enjoyed the Celluloid Closet, you might want to set your Tivo for this. On Monday and Wednesday evenings, for the month of June (starting tonight), Turner Classic Movies is featuring films from 1912 to 1969 which contain gay themes – 44 in all. I find these peeks into gay history fascinating, especially the obvious changes brought about by the Production Code in 1934. Before that, one could detect what appeared to be a distinct glimmer of acknowledgment, almost acceptance even, of the characters in what were mostly plot tangents. Something happened after that and what managed to pass the censors was often dark, distorted and evil.

At a time when the rights of gays and lesbians are being hotly debated, TCM offers a look at the treatment of homosexuals in American movies as inspired by the Richard Barrios book Screened Out: Playing Gay in Hollywood from Edison to Stonewall.

You can view the trailer, and read more about it at the TCM website. Some of these movies haven’t been seen in ages, so if you want to talk about something that made you laugh, cry or just perk up, feel free to comment here throughout the month. Enjoy!

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