Dr. Josehp NicolosiEx-gay therapist Dr Joseph Nicolosi will be speaking in London, England, later this month, in an event sponsored by Anglican Mainstream, CARE and Living Waters UK.

Interestingly, the former two conspicuously describe themselves as “mainstream“, when the decision to give a platform to the increasingly discredited Nicolosi is anything but mainstream. Even a group as conservative as Focus on the Family appears to be distancing itself from Nicolosi.

One wonders whether the organizers are aware of just how extreme Nicolosi’s message is. While the conference brochure tactfully uses the phrase “possibility of change” four times, for Nicolosi, it is more than a possibility – it is a certainty, given the right circumstances and/or therapy:

When [the guy with the homosexual problem] begins to trust men, his homosexuality disappears.

[You’re categorically saying that, if a father and son have a normal relationship, that child will not be gay?] Yes.

The organizers of the event appear to be aware of the potential for Nicolosi’s appearance to be a source of controversy. According to this brochure, venue information will only be disclosed to participants by email or mail two weeks prior to the event, and the organizers “reserve the right to refuse admission to anyone not in sympathy with the aims and nature of the event.”

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