Focus on the Family has apparently gained the ability to travel into the future and, once there, report on events which have not happened yet for the rest of us. Early yesterday they reported the following via their political mouthpiece CitizenLink:

The meeting, which began Tuesday and wraps up Sunday, has drawn close to 1,000 people — and no protesters so far. Across town, a counter-conference drew about 100 people.

The meeting referred to is the (32nd) Exodus Freedom Conference and the “counter-conference” is the (1st) Ex-Gay Survivor Conference, which starts today but does not end until tomorrow night (the bulk of that conference is actually scheduled for Saturday). Between walk-ins and on-site registrations, even Soulforce doesn’t know how many will end up attending.

None of this stopped Focus from speaking about the Survivor’s Conference in the past tense, supplying attendance figures seemingly out of thin air. One wonders how long ago this “news” item was actually written.

Soulforce notified Focus earlier about the error, but so far it remains unchanged. No reply yet on my request for lottery numbers either.

Hat Tip: Daniel

Update: Official response from

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