Chuck Colson of BreakPoint Ministries has a very colorful history. The first member of the Nixon administration to serve prison time for the Watergate cover-up, he founded Prison Fellowship Ministries barely two years after in 1976. While Colson has gained respect for his work with prisons, there doesn’t appear to be anything in his history that would prepare him to speak authoritatively on LGBT issues. However, this has not stopped him from chiming in on the subject with only bad sources as a guide, spending his conservative capital to propel his message along the way.

In a recent radio broadcast (Real Audio of the April 23rd broadcast: here) he spoke with great authority on a number of LGBT issues. Some of the quotes from this broadcast, Coming to a School Near You; Normalizing Homosexuality, regarding the Sex Education curriculum controversy of Montgomery County Public Schools, include the following:

Worst of all, there is no mention whatsoever of the many health hazards associated with the gay lifestyle. A Montgomery County parent group, called Citizens for a Responsible Curriculum, includes an infectious disease specialist, Dr. Ruth Jacobs. Dr. Jacobs put forward a petition signed by 270 doctors asking Montgomery County to warn kids of the health dangers related to homosexuality. Montgomery County ignored it.

Colson, not surprisingly, falls back on the religious right’s favorite catch-all phrase, “the gay lifestyle,” knowing that none of his listeners will call on him to define it. There is no more one “gay lifestyle” than there is one “straight lifestyle” or one “Christian lifestyle,” of course, but admitting that would undermine his point entirely, since many gay men and women avoid the risky behaviors that Colson attributes to all GLBT individuals.

Dr. Jacobs does appear to be an infectious disease specialist as advertised, which lends weight to her arguments about the dangers of anal sex, but unfortunately she (like Colson) seems to tie her entire argument against the “gay lifestyle” to this particular practice.

A quick scan of some of the articles posted at the Citizens for a Responsible Curriculum website makes it clear that CRC, far from merely wanting the schools to fully disclose information about disease transmission, wants them to teach students that homosexuality itself is a disease, much like PFOX does. And, perhaps not surprisingly, numerous references to PFOX spokespersons and articles can be found on the CRC site.

Sadly, these programs offer nothing to teens desperate for help in overcoming homosexual feelings. They don’t learn how successful reparative therapy is, and where they can find it. They are simply told to “celebrate” their homosexuality. Teens with same-sex desires are condemned to a life of confusion, misery, disease, and early death.

If Colson really had done his own homework, of course, he’d be celebrating the fact that students aren’t being told “how successful reparative therapy is.” CRC’s website repeats the same old misinterpretations of the Spitzer study as proof that GLBT individuals who want to can become straight. Colson also fails to consider whether the “confusion, misery, disease, and early death” that GLBT youth experience might be the result of being bombarded by messages of fear, ridicule, rejection and condemnation, just as he fails to offer any evidence that these problems automatically accompany same-sex attractions, as he suggests.

A majority of Americans believe that homosexual behavior is immoral, which is why activist gays are targeting our kids with their propaganda, hoping to change them.

Setting aside Colson’s unsupported assertions about the agenda of “activist gays,” does he really mean to imply that the opinion of the majority has any bearing on the morality of homosexual behavior? Religious right activists frequently fall back on the claim that the majority of Americans agree with them as validation of the rightness of whichever cause they are championing at the moment, and just as quickly discard that same “might makes right” notion whenever they find themselves in the minority.

We need to make sure that we have accurate, factual information to counteract what is being taught in the schools—and in films, and on television, and on college campuses. And we ought to share this with our kids and grandkids and offer classes at our churches. If you visit our BreakPoint website, you will find excellent resources, including books by Harvard psychologist Dr. Joseph Nicolosi.

We at Ex-Gay Watch agree that everyone should have accurate, factual information on the issue of homosexuality. Unfortunately, the BreakPoint website offers little help in that regard. Most of the links provided are for other BreakPoint articles; readers are also directed to NARTH, PFOX, and a single article by Dr. Warren Throckmorton. One can also, of course, purchase the “Speak the Truth In Love Resource Kit” for a “donation” of $25.

Eugene Wagner contributed to this post.

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