According to an email reproduced on Warren Throckmorton’s blog, Exodus has dropped it’s membership in PATH, a coalition of ex-gay organizations, effective today.

Just recently, Exodus president Alan Chambers was asked by longtime XGW commenter grantdale if he might consider taking Exodus out of PATH. At that time, Chambers had just announced his resignation from the board of PFOX, at least in part due to their continuing association with the unlicensed, self described “psychotherapist and educator,” Richard Cohen.

According to his web site, Cohen co-founded PATH and remains a member. Exodus is not the only ex-gay organization to disassociate themselves from Cohen of late. Since his recent bizarre appearance on the Daily Show, Exodus, PFOX and NARTH have all put distance between themselves and the embarrassing ex-gay guru.

It’s worth noting that the webmaster for PATH, Gabriel Espinosa of Furryllama Web Consulting, appears to be the same PFOX webmaster who posted disgusting, disparaging remarks to a YouTube video of the Montel Williams episode concerning ex-gays.

It’s understandable why Exodus might want to be removed from such an organization, though one might ask what took so long.

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