Update: Here are some clips of what did air.

Clip 1 and Clip 2

From Peterson Toscano’s A Musing:

One thing that got cut during Montel’s interview of ex-gay survivor Lance Carroll was Montel’s reaction to Lance’s story of being forced by his parents to attend Love in Action/Refuge. Montel stopped Lance, pointed to the American flag folded up behind them, and said something like, “I fought for this country for the right of all Americans, not just straight Americans.” No doubt Montel is opinionated, but as a quirky queer guy seeing that from backstage, I felt affirmed and, well, American.

Peterson remarks a bit about his recent appearance on the Montel Williams Show with Alan Chambers, Richard Cohen and Lance Caroll. As with all TV shows, a lot of what was taped did not make it to air. Peterson explains, for instance, why Donna and Tom Cole didn’t appear and why Montel was frustrated with the lack of clarity in some of Alan’s replies.

Donna expressed that Montel was not giving them a chance to tell their story and that he was heavy-handed against ex-gays. I wondered to myself at the oddness of the conversation as the Coles were just about to tell their story and had every chance to counter Montel’s words.

With military men in my family, I have seen something similar like this around the dinner table. Be it about politics, family drama or the firmness of the pasta, they can project a rigid sense of right and wrong then get impatient with anything they perceive as waffling or invalidating their conclusions. (My Marine dad expressed these very feelings during and after yesterday’s show).

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