Karen BoothKaren Booth is the leader of the Exodus member ministry Transforming Congregations who just recently led a charge to force eBay to remove the massage table “where it all happened” from auction. Today she has decided that, though she stands behind that campaign, she wishes to apologize for the way she personally treated Mike Jones in print.

I’ve decided that I want to issue a public apology to Mike Jones. (I’ve also contacted him personally as well.) …And I want to be as clear as I can about what I apologize for and why.

I am not apologizing for protesting the auction to eBay – or encouraging others to do likewise. I’ve already stated my motives for that and I won’t rehash them again.

I shouldn’t have labeled Mike as a “gay prostitute” or “male prostitute.” Jim Burroway was correct to nail me on that. I shouldn’t have made disparaging remarks about Mike’s integrity or questioned his motives. That was an ad hominem attack that has no place in public discourse.

You can read more on Dr. Warren Throckmorton’s blog where she posted the apology. Mike Jones has relisted the table and, while to avoid technical issues he doesn’t mention it in the auction, he has given us permission to convey that he will be giving all proceeds to Project Angel Heart as orginally planned.

While we still completely disagree with her stand, which elevates the value of not being offended over charity for those in need, we recognize that this apology is a positive step for Karen and encourage her to not make it the last one. Wouldn’t it be absolutely Christlike for such a ministry to have offered to buy the table themselves, thus giving help to a worthy charity and eliminating the offensive situation in one act of love? What do you think Karen?

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