Instead of the shameless psuedo-defense coming from some other ex-gay groups, Exodus president Alan Chambers was unambiguous in his admonition of Ann Coulter over her recent use of the word “faggot” in a comment about Democrat presidential hopeful John Edwards.

Used in any context, this hurtful word is used to demean an individual who is valuable to God. There is nothing to be gained by denigrating others with crude slurs. In doing so, we disgrace ourselves and discredit the truths we seek to publicly elevate.

Unlike PFOX and Peter LaBarbera, the latter of which seems to pine for the good old days when one could utter such comments in peace, we applaud Alan for making a clear and prompt statement for basic decency.

To the others we can only ask, what were you thinking?

Hat Tip: Jim Burroway

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