Robert SpitzerThe front page of a newly renovated PFOX web site features a video clip of ex-gay researcher Dr. Robert L. Spitzer that loads automatically, whether the user wishes to view the video or not.

The selectively edited, undated video features Dr. Spitzer saying:

I mean, the gay activists have taken the viewpoint that from a political/strategic point of view they do better if they can convince society at large that once you’re homosexual you can never change. Now, I can appreciate that that helps them politically, and I’m sympathetic towards their political goals, but I think it’s just not true.

There’s a significant factual distortion in that quotation: “Gay activists” such as Ex-Gay Watch don’t say that once someone is homosexual, one can never change; we say that “change” has been poorly defined by ex-gay activists, and we note that permanent change in predominant sexual attraction is exceedingly rare, may not be possible for most same-sex-attracted persons (who are neither abused nor badly parented), and should not be politically or spiritually coerced.

That isn’t the only factual omission by PFOX on its new front page….

  1. Spitzer has warned that his research should not be politically misused to justify discrimination against same-sex-attracted persons. PFOX supports discrimination, opposes antibullying programs, and opposes gay access to civil unions, marriage, and church leadership positions.
  2. In an interview with pro-exgay pundit Prof. Warren Throckmorton, Spitzer says “change” is extremely rare. (PDF copy of interview.)

Box Turtle Bulletin editor Jim Burroway told Ex-Gay Watch that he witnessed PFOX hosting a booth at Love Won Out in Phoenix last weekend. Box Turtle Bulletin later commented in detail on PFOX’s cherry-picking of Spitzer’s work.

Ex-Gay Watch wants to know:

1. What is the source and date of the video? Why is PFOX reluctant to say?

2. Was the video posted with permission of the video’s producer?

3. When will PFOX provide its supporters with the uncensored original video so that they may develop informed opinions?

4. Why are LWO’s organizers, Exodus and Focus on the Family, hosting an organization which quotes Dr. Spitzer out of context and which mischaracterizes the varying views of gay equality advocates?

Hat tip: Teach the Facts

Addendum: Ex-Gay Watch has invited Dr. Spitzer to respond. We will provide updates as they develop.

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