On Wednesday, in their infinite wisdom, the state legislature of Utah has passed a law intended to shut down clubs that teach tolerance of other students, regardless of sexual orientation.  On Thursday it was reversed on a technicality and didn’t have the votes to pass Thursday’s revote.

The bill would have required all sorts of additional hoops for non-curricular clubs to jump through for starting up including requirements that parents sign permission slips. While the authors of the bills claim that they want to protect children, absolutely no one believes that this is intended to do anything but shut down gay-straight alliances.

The key provision of the legislation bans any clubs that — quote — -“involve human sexuality” or threaten the “moral well-being” of students.

The authors of the bill claim it bill stand up to the Federal Equal Access Act because it applies to all clubs equally. Pretending for a moment that we actually believe this claim, we wonder exactly which clubs a clever school board could ban had the bill made it to law.

I would recommend the Fellowship of Christian Atheletes because they promote the notion that God favors MY team which may well threaten the moral well-being of students.

And I’d ban the homecoming committee for involving human sexuality.

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